Magneto - Single Stage Single Ended Hybrid Mono Block Power Amplifier

Magneto is an unique mono power (up to 100W) hybrid amplifier made by NAT, based on scientific grade Single gold plated FET and Single nuvistor triode tube that operate in pure class A, true single-ended mode.

Magneto represent true OTL (output transformer less) and true OCL (output capacitor less) power monoblock amplifier! There is no any capacitor on the signal path - only single input hand coiled nano -crystaline core transformer with bandwidth of over 1MHz! Ref. to mention facts Magneto is fully compatible with true balanced (XLR) or single - ended (RCA) type of input connection! There is no any DC servo circuit in entire device.

The unit is unique as there is no input, no driver stage, only one single ultra power gold plated FET transistor with one tube (best nuvistor triode tube type that is immune to external vibration - almost zero microphonic device)!

Together there is totally new - unique device - NuFET ( nuvistor-FET) that act as high current "triode" with very low distortion and excellent behavior ref. to speakers load! Nuvistor triode tube that is connected in special manner between two electrode of the FET act as linearization device to the whole "system" (new device) - NuFET !

Main facts of Magneto:

  • Unique device - High power single NuFET self amplification (single) stage amplifier
  • One of (if not) the most compact in class (19"x19"x6.5")
  • One of (if not) the most efficiency in class (220W of power consumption for 100W of pure single-ended class A)

 Magneto gives an opportunity to listening the sound on two different mode as high power setting to 100W or moderate setting to 30W, both of hybryd NuFET type. With power of 100W in single-ended configuration there is a capability to drive almost any type of loudspeaker.

Scientific grade output FET device represent high technology in solid state manufacturing. Potential of output single FET reach 1.800W of heat dissipation. Magneto used as low as 13% of max. dissipation cause significantly decrease working temperature point inside FET device for further reliability improvement.

Magneto's hand coiled output inductor handles output impendances of 4 and 8 ohms! Bandwidth reach 5Hz- 100.000Hz as exceptional good flatness for single-ended amplifier. Fully separated output taps for 4 and 8 ohms load are realized with laboratory grade connectors.

 NOTE: Magneto may drive any load from 2 ohms to over 16 ohms. By specific technical approach special inductor in combination with output NuFET may drive easy almost any type of loudspeaker (with much higher damping factor then standard triode tube amplifier). Magneto may drive all type of speaker (electrostatic, magnetostatic, dynamic or other types).

Power supply section participate in sound quality almost as amplifiers main circuit. Magneto's power unit is designed as high tech encapsulated constant current noiseless device. Equivalent available energy from power supply is huge as it is made from audio grade (in total 141.000uF) capacitors. Teflon (PTFE) capacitors is used additionaly for the filtration.

Special "gigantic" air-code hand coiled inductor is used in Magneto as the best noise reduction device in power supply section! As the air-core choke is made without magnetic material there is no any "magnetic pollution" to the rest of amplifier parts!

No any adjustment of output NuFET standing current is necessary. Precisley calculated passive self-regulated components with constant current power supply adjust NuFET's standing current.

Wirring by skillfully technicians secure the best quality of signal and power paths inside amplifier - realized with zero printed circuit board (means no any PCB in entire device)!

Quality of electronic components that is used inside Magneto are at high level - teflon military grade (N.O.S.) capacitors, entire ofc outputhand coiled current inductor, air-core ofc hand coiled power supply choke, military space grade foil resistor, Vishay space grade foil resister, industrial high grade capacitors, scientific grade gold plated FET semiconductors, laboratory grade connectors...

Magneto work properly at worldwide AC line voltage from 100-250VAC, 50-60Hz (set in factory only).

NOTE: -Standard version use pure-balanced input, realised with hand coiled nano-crystalline core transformer
          -Premium step of upgrade (SE version) : pure-balanced input realised with silver-ofc teflon isolated wire hand coiled nano-crystalline core input transformer!



Technical Specification
Name Value
Type Single Ended Class "A"
Power Output up to 100 Watts @ 1 kHz
Frequency Response 5 Hz to 100 kHz -3dB
Input impedance 10 k ohms parallel with 100pF
Input Sensitivity 2.1V RMS for 100 Watts
Gain 23 dB (x13.5)
Noise 108 dB below rated output "A" weighted
Tube Complement 6CW4 (or equivalent) - one tube per block
Power Requirement 100 to 250 VAC @ 50 to 60 Hz, 220 VA max. (set in factory)
Dimensions 19" (483 mm) wide , 19" (483 mm) deep , 6.5" (165 mm) high
NET Weight approx. 86 lbs (39 kg) unpacked / per piece
TOTAL Weight approx. 110 lbs (50 kg) packed in wooden box / per piece


Design Features

- single - ended single stage single device pure class A mono block power amplifier
- genuine design by NAT - NuFET form single (self) amplification stage
- simpliest signal path
- OTL (output transformer less) type
- OCL (output capacitor less) type
- scientific grade gold plated FET (one per unit)
- military (N.O.S.) grade nuvistor (miniature metal ceramic triode tube) with over 10.000h of operation
- zero printed circuit board design
- input hand coiled nano-cristalline core transformer for pure balanced operation
- air-core hand coiled choke custom designed for NAT 
- silent encapsulated regulated power supply
- 141.000uF of premium power supply capacitors
- teflon PTFE military grade capacitors in power supply
- star grounding design
- switchable 30W or 100W of power output
- hand assembled all modulated chassis
- full automatic bias with automatic-adjust (no any additional adjustment)
- high mass laboratory grade output connector
- gold plated PTFE insulated RCA input connector custom ordered from NAT
- extensively used computer numeric control machines (CNC)
- 0.6" (15mm) thick double aluminum front panel

Specifications are subject of change without notice