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Tera Cord

AC Coupler "Tera Cord"

High-End AC Power Cord

AC Coupler Tera Cord is made to supply clean power for the low to high consumption analog and digital components. Tera Cord reduces power line and different (other) component generated noise in the same time! Construction is based on active and passive filtration with low capacitance and ultra low resistance as main parameters. Operate up to speed of picoseconds – correlate to frequency of tera hertz (THz) as the cable given name indicated! Tera Cord's conductors are made from OFC material! Shielding the cable (as implemented in Tera Cord) is standard procedure to protect it from the external ’’pollution’’ (noise from the environment)!


Tera Cord is not only a passive but the active coupler as well as ”storage” over 10J of alternating energy - to be able to add extra power to supply connected device during higher current demand!


Even more important, transient extra energy is realized instantly in time domain (absolute zero feedback type of operation)!

Special material (beside conductors) is used inside Tera Cord to transfer pure current without ’’pollution’’!

And to convert ’’pollution’’ into a heat!

Each cable takes several hours of highly skill technician to complete.

Every single Tera Cord passed burn-in (endurance) test of 100h.


Technical Specification
Name Value
Type Multi core construction - high grade of OFC material, 10 mm2 (AWG7) for the mains (both L and N) conductors, 22 mm2 (AWG 4) for the ground (G) conductor
Power Output 3680 VA const. ; 5 200 VA peak (ref. to 230 V~)
Capacitance and Resistance <100pF/m ~0.003 Ohms resistance of copper/conductor
Power Requirement 85-305V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 73" (1850 mm) lenght factory standard: different lenght - only by special order
NET Weight approx. 6.6 lbs (3.0 kg) unpacked
TOTAL Weight approx. 11 lbs (5.0 kg) packed in aluminium transport box


Design Features

- active with passive  filtration design in single cable
-"alternating battery" type of current supply
- absolyte zero feedback type of active electronic operation
- up to speed of 1pS - correlate to tera hertz (Thz) frequency
- wide range (high to low) of power capability
- mechanically flexibile design
- OFC as the highest grade of copper with min. 99.99% purity material for all conductors
- audiophile grade connectors (Oyaide rhodium based audiophile type)
- cross section 2 x 10 mm2 + 22 mm2 for the ground path (2 x AWG7 + AWG4)
- low capacitance
- ultra low resistance
- hand - assembled product
- burn in test of min. 100h for each unit

 *Specifications are subject of change without notice